Radiotone Single Phase Variable Autotransformer (Open type)

Radiotone Single Phase Variable Autotransformer (colloquially known as Variac) offered by Radio Electric Pvt. Ltd. is a simple & rugged method to control power, voltage & current. They are designed for heavy duty continuous use. They can provide high current rating & overload capacity. Radio Electric specializes in the designing of tailor made Variable Autotransformer (colloquially known as Variac).

The picture above is a motorized version of Radiotone Single Phase Variable Autotransformer (colloquially known as Variac). We manufacture it using top quality motors, Micro Switches and with rugged construction. The side studs and center shaft are well insulated from each other to avoid completion of magnetic circuit. Radiotone Single Phase Variable Autotransformer (colloquially known as Variac)Models available are 2 Amp, 4 Amp, 6 Amp, & up to 35 Amp. For Models above 40 Amp, we use side wiping contacts. The commutator surface on these coils is machine processed and hence is very even and smooth. This ensures very less torque for the motor, thereby enhancing its life.

Single & Three Phase (0.7A*, 1A-28A)

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Single & Three Phase Panel (F) Mounting

1/2A-1P 130 108 92 90
4A-1P 200 175 145 95
10A-1P 200 175 145 125
15A-1P 245 220 176 135
28A-1P 360 295 235 165
2A-3P 130 108 192 308
4A-3P 200 175 145 440
10A-3P 200 175 145 490
15A-3P 245 220 176 490
28A-3P 360 295 235 580

*Dimensions & Weight are subject to change at the discretion of  the manufacturer

We specialize in tailor made Radiotone Single Phase Variable Autotransformer (colloquially known as Variac) to suit customers exact current requirements. This helps the customer select a proper rating suitable for his application (For eg. If the customer's actual upper limit of current is 20 Amp on a continuous basis and in the Extended Voltage range, then we recommend a higher rating Variable Autotransformer (say 23Amp) & then tailor make it for his application. We also take care to cover up his entire Voltage range (either 0-230 V, 0-260V, 0-110V etc.) We can provide Roller Carbon Brushes fabricated from a Special Electrical grade for these Single Phase Variable Autotransformers (colloquially known as Variac).

Portable (Enclosed ) Models are available in the entire range.


This variauto is a continuously variable Auto Transformer used for smooth control of Voltage.


  1. 0.75 Amp, 0-270V
  2. 2 Amp to 100 Amp, 0-270V
  3. Single /Two/Three Phase
  4. Open Type /Enclosed Type
  5. Air/Oil Cooled.
  6. AC Motorised Version


No Load Current (NLC) Less than 2% of rated capacity Testing: as per B.I.S. 5142

TAILOR MADE 110V / 400 Hz. at required current ratings possible.