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  Oil Cooled Variauto

Oil Cooled Variauto Oil Cooled Variac Transformer

We specialize in the manufacture of high current rated coils. The commutator surface of our coils is machine processed and hence very uniform and smooth. This is very important for proper collection of current by the carbon brushes thus reducing the heat generated. Our standard coils are 100 Amp, 150 Amp, 200 Amp. Using these coils we manufacture oil-cooled variautos from 100 Amp 3 Ph to 1200 Amp 3 Ph capacity (415 V input and 0-470 V variable output). In high current rated models we use multiple coils with properly rated balancing coils to achieve the rated current. Based on the calculations of cooling area appropriate no. of radiators &fins  are used. These variautos are generally motorized with geared mechanism. We also cater to tailor-made requirements.

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